Sally Haldenby Haba

Sally Haldenby Haba Photo

Sally Haldenby Haba
CCO, CFO & Secretary

Sally Haldenby Haba is the Chief Compliance Officer, Chief Financial Officer and Secretary of Caldwell Investment Management Ltd. She joined the organization in 1992 with responsibility for overall compliance.

Ms. Haldenby Haba has extensive experience in regulatory financial reporting, compliance matters and client services.

As Chief Compliance Officeer, Ms. Haldenby Haba's role is to ensure that Caldwell Investment Management Ltd. is in compliance with regulatory rules and by-laws.

Compliance responsibilities include the development and monitoring of internal controls and procedures, financial capital reporting, supervision of client and employee trade activity and client reporting.

Ms. Haldenby Haba oversees the work of the investment management committee on behalf of clients. The investment team is responsible to her in terms of implementing trading strategies to best achieve client objectives

Sally Haldenby Haba attended York University's Mathematics for Commerce Program.

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