Tactical Sovereign Bond Fund (formerly Caldwell Income Fund)

Why Invest

Tactical Sovereign Bond Fund (formerly the Caldwell Income Fund) employs a unique and proven investment strategy designed to capitalize on anticipated interest rate changes and yield curve shifts within the Canadian and U.S. fixed income market. It is the only fixed income fund offered in Canada which strategically manages duration and currency in a portfolio that provides exposure to government-guaranteed bonds and treasury bills.

Key Features

  • Government guaranteed securities underlying the portfolio.
  • High quality portfolio offering both capital preservation as well as the potential for attractive total returns.
  • Seeks to identify and exploit inefficiencies and temporary imbalances in the fixed income market, allowing the manager to take advantage of shorter-term cycles within a broader thematic trend.
  • The Fund benefits from the manager’s ability to tactically reposition the portfolio in anticipation of changing market dynamics.
  • No constraints on the duration of the Fund’s portfolio.
  • Active currency management – ability to recognize and benefit from interest rate differentials within the U.S. and Canadian currency markets.
  • Ability to temporarily invest 100% of the portfolio in cash to protect against significant projected market declines.
  • Proven management – providing over 35 years of expertise in navigating through various economic and market cycles.
Ready to Invest?
William Chin photo

William Chin, MBA

Portfolio Manager & Chief Technical Analyst

Mr. Chin assumed responsibility for managing the Tactical Sovereign Bond Fund (Caldwell Income Fund until August 2018) in November 2015. Following which, he repositioned the Fund's portfolio to invest in Government bonds, rather than a balance of equities and fixed income securities. He also initiated the launch of the Fund's Series F units (formerly Series I) in July 2016.

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