Caldwell U.S. Dividend Advantage Fund

Why Invest

The Caldwell U.S. Dividend Advantage Fund’s (”UDA”) unique DIVIDEND MOMENTUM approach combines factor-based investing with fundamental analysis. The end result is a differentiated, high-conviction portfolio of sustainable dividend growers.

The ETF Series of Caldwell U.S. Dividend Advantage Fund trades on The Toronto Stock Exchange under the ticker “UDA.”

Key Features

  • A unique dividend investment strategy combining MOMENTUM investing with FUNDAMENTAL analysis
  • Enhanced liquidity – The ETF Series of the Fund can be traded (intraday) on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the ticker UDA
  • Attractive monthly distributions, with cash payment or reinvestment options
  • Designed to capitalize on attractive, often overlooked dividend-growth stocks with compelling positive or negative price momentum
  • Actively managed, concentrated portfolio - high Active Share
  • Exposure to small- and mid-cap companies
  • A total-return focus targeting stocks with proven business and dividend growth
  • Low 75bps Management Fee
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