Caldwell U.S. Dividend Advantage Fund – Know Your Product (KYP)

Key Features, Points of Differentiation and Benefits

The fund offers a unique, actively managed dividend investment strategy that combines momentum investing with an overlay of fundamental bottom-up analysis. The fund is invested in a concentrated, high-conviction portfolio targeting 25-40 stocks and is comprised primarily of US dividend-paying issuers. Many of the stocks targeted for investment by the fund are not included in the S&P 500 Total Return Index (the fund’s benchmark), resulting in a very high Active Share score. As a result, the fund offers immediate diversification benefits relative to passive funds and other actively managed products that more closely track the Index.

In addition, Caldwell U.S. Dividend Advantage, while being an “all-cap” fund, offers the opportunity to invest in small and mid-cap issuers which may be overlooked by the market and, thereby, offer more compelling valuations and return potential.

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