Caldwell Canadian Value Momentum Fund – Know Your Product (KYP)

Key Features, Points of Differentiation and Benefits

Caldwell Canadian Value Momentum Fund (“CVM”) is invested in a concentrated, high-conviction portfolio targeting 15-25 stocks that are vastly different from traditional Canadian Equity funds. CVM employs a distinct investment approach that is based on a combination of quantitative analysis and traditional, bottom-up fundamental research. The end result is a portfolio containing the best attributes of value and momentum.

While the strategy is market cap agnostic, the fund has historically emphasized small and mid-cap companies that may be overlooked or not accessible to larger mandates. The vast majority of the stocks targeted for investment by the fund have historically not been included in the S&P/TSX Total Return Index (the fund’s benchmark), resulting in a very high Active Share score. As a result, the fund offers immediate diversification benefits relative to passive funds and other actively managed products that more closely track the Index.

*Effective November 19, 2021, Caldwell Investment Management Ltd. announced a soft cap on CVM purchases with future allocations to the Fund open only to existing investors, with some specified exceptions. For additional information on the CVM soft cap, click here to view the press release.

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