Caldwell Balanced Fund

Reasons To Own:

  • High active share portfolio (no closet indexing)
  • Disciplined, process-driven decisions
  • Updates on portfolio changes & significant developments

Investment Strategy:

The Fund aims to own 20-30 stocks that exhibit the best risk-adjusted opportunities across Canada and the U.S. Stocks are selected based on a disciplined investment process where capital protection acts as the foundation for generating positive returns. This includes a focus on stocks where valuations are compelling, management teams and balance sheets are strong, and challenges are temporary in nature. Fluctuations in the stock market are offset by holdings in government guaranteed bonds and treasuries. The result is a fund that gives investors upside potential through carefully selected stocks while reducing overall risk through guaranteed bond holdings.

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Portfolio Management Team

Jennifer Radman, CFA
Portfolio Manager
William Chin
William Chin, MBA
Portfolio Manager