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The Times They Are A Changin’

November 24, 2022

I’m convinced the majority of us will be relieved to see the backend of 2022, because it has been a trying time for investors AND ALSO for Investment Advisors. Most Advisors have been telling me that now is a good time for them to begin reaching out to current clients and searching for new clients to expand their books in 2023.

Here’s what successful Advisors have shared with me:

Do you have your comments ready for your existing clients?

In this type of unpredictable environment, clients do not expect you to have ALL the answers and they know you don’t have a crystal ball. However, they do want to know what you are thinking about regarding the big picture and how they can work best with you. Communication is key and having a few soundbites prepared (not more than 3) will help. Keep it simple when discussing the markets or world views so that they will easily understand and connect with you. For example: “I think that interest rates will…and as a result I am changing/adding/redeeming the following in your portfolio…” You may also want to make a quick, informed comment about world events and/or inflation.

Have you checked your client list and considered how you met and obtained your clients in the first place?

Was it through a referral via word of mouth, visits to your website, quarterly newsletters, client events, blog posts, cold calling or some other action? One of the problems related to prospecting is the lack of clarity around it. If you do not measure your results, you will have little to no idea which of your (ideally multiple) prospecting methods are generating the best results. Once you have the clarity, then you can focus on what is bringing those clients in and improve or increase that particular effort.

Work with your Marketing and Compliance teams to ensure you have a website presence.

Advisors have told me that in tracking their “hits” to their websites, the most popular page is their “About Your Team” section. Potential clients like to see and read all about personal and professional profiles of the Advisor and their teams. Hire a professional photographer to take a picture of you and your team members in your office. In addition, this is the perfect place to highlight your credentials including designations (ensure you explain them) as well as your unique skills and experience. For more information, see How Financial Advisor Designations Can Affect Customer Experience.

Good luck with your planning for 2023!

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