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January 2020

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We are always looking for great insightful articles to share within our community. There was no shortage of interesting articles for the month in January. We hope you enjoy them as much as we did.

Latest memo from Howard Marks: You Bet!

You can’t tell the quality of a decision from the outcome. This revelation had a profound influence on me as a 17-year-old and represented the first critical building block in my understanding of how the world works.

Seth Klarman passionately defends value investing and said its time is coming again soon

Billionaire hedge fund manager Seth Klarman defended value investing, saying in a letter to clients that several factors, including the proliferation of passive investing, have created market mispricings that will soon lead to a payoff for the long underperforming strategy.

Forecasts or Nowcasts? What’s on the Horizon for the 2020s?

As we enter 2020, a new decade, investment managers, economists, market pundits, and the like naturally turn to making all types of forecasts for the years ahead. In this article we offer our take on the difference between empirically based investment forecasts and “nowcasts,” the latter often touted and often wrong.

The Global 100: Twelve of the world’s most sustainable companies are right here in Canada

It turns out Canada is no slouch on the score of corporate sustainability leaders, with 12 publicly traded companies (with revenues over $1 billion) qualifying for the Global 100 in 2020.

How to Build Your Own Escape Room

You have walked through the door into a cheery startup office. Past the sea of monitors, colorful motivational posters adorn brick walls. There is a cabinet full of swag T-shirts and laptop dongles, and a Nerf gun lazily pokes out from under a couch. A monitor on the wall dutifully ticks down how much money is left in the bank. You are in one of two places. Maybe you are in the office of a real-life startup — or maybe you have found yourself in Startup Escape, the startup-cliché-filled escape room I built.

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