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July 2021

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Our monthly compilation is packed and shipped (meaning published)!

Enjoy the latest edition – the most interesting reads we found online in the month of July.

Visual Capitalist | Tax-to-GDP Ratio: Comparing Tax Systems Around the World

The tax-to-GDP ratio measures a country’s tax revenue, relative to the size of its economy (measured by its Gross Domestic Product, or GDP). A higher tax-to-GDP ratio means more money is going to government coffers, and in theory, public services like education and infrastructure.

Visual Capitalist | Visualized: The Biggest Ponzi Schemes in Modern History

Ponzi schemes are a type of financial fraud that lures investors by promising abnormally high returns. Money brought in by new members is used to pay the scheme’s founders as well as its earlier investors. This cycle carries on for as long as cash continues to flow in.

Oak Tree Capital | Latest Memo from Howard Marks: Thinking About Macro

Business Insider | 48 of the best hockey players on Wall Street

Family Minded | Most Popular Toys From the Year You Were Born

When you think back to your childhood toy box, what comes to mind? The most coveted toys in your collection were probably quite different than the must-have toys of today… But what about the most popular toy from the year you were born?

CNN Style | A giant 3D cat has taken over one of Tokyo’s biggest billboards

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