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March 2024

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Golf on CBS | The 2019 Masters – A Sunday Unlike Any Other

A behind the scenes look at Tiger Woods capturing his fifth Masters title in “The 2019 Masters: A Sunday Unlike Any Other”. At 43 years old, Tiger Woods shot a 2-under 70 for a one-stroke victory. It was his first major win since 2008 U.S. Open, marking a remarkable comeback from injuries and personal issues. He proved his skills by winning the previous year’s Tour Championship after a long gap since his last victory in 2013. Watch this video to get a taste of Tiger Woods reclaiming the top spot, earning his first green jacket at Augusta National since 2005. (source:

UnHerd | How RFK could smash the two-party system. In American politics, upset has become the rule.

“The surrender of Nikki Haley — long drawn-out but long expected — has set both of America’s major parties on the same course: a limp coronation, conducted through process of elimination. Donald Trump’s path is clear, competitors fallen away, while Joe Biden is also slipping through effectively unopposed, happily ignoring token challenges by Dean Phillips and Marianne Williamson. But the frictionless progress of both candidates through their party’s internal processes is concealing a hidden truth about this year’s election. Many Americans don’t want Joe Biden or Donald Trump. They see the race as a horror-reality show featuring two geriatrics who seem doddery, unwell, and angry at being told so.”

Bloomberg | Global Population Crash Isn’t Sci-Fi Anymore

“We used to worry about the planet getting too crowded, but there are plenty of downsides to a shrinking humanity as well. We used to imagine humanity populating the universe. In Isaac Asimov’s Foundation (1952), mankind has established a vast multi-planetary empire by the year 47000. ‘There were nearly twenty-five million inhabited planets in the Galaxy,’ Asimov wrote. ‘The population of Trantor [the imperial capital] … was well in excess of forty billions.’”

Simplify Asset Management | Entering the Fall ’21 – The Future of Innovation w/ Josh Wolfe & Mike Green

Watch this fireside chat between Josh Wolfe, Co-Founder of Lux Captial and Mike Green, Portfolio Manager & Chief Strategist at Simplify. They discussed a variety of topics revolving around technological innovation including Innovation vs Invention, the Julians Paradox, Privacy vs Convenience and more.

U2 Argentina | U2 with Mick Jagger & Fergie: Gimme Shelter – Live from Madison Square Garden (2009)

Watch this electric performance by U2 with Mick Jagger and Fergie covering the Rolling Stone’s “Gimme Shelter” for the 25th Anniversary of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Concert.

Did you know that Keith Richards wrote most of the song “Gimme Shelter”. He strummed the opening on an electric-acoustic guitar modeled after a Chuck Berry favorite. In his memoir “Life” (2010), Keith states that he “was sitting there in Mount Street and there was this incredible storm over London, so I got into that mode, just looking out of Robert’s window and looking at all these people with their umbrellas being blown out of their grasp and running like hell. And the idea came to me… My thought was storms on other people’s minds, not mine. It just happened to hit the moment.” (source:

Visual Capitalist | Visualized: The 100 Largest U.S. Banks by Consolidated Assets

“The largest 100 banks in the U.S. hold a combined $18.8 trillion in consolidated assets, but recent collapses of medium-sized banks like Silicon Valley Bank and First Republic have caused worries throughout the banking world. This visual using data from the Federal Reserve ranks the country’s 100 largest banks by the size of their consolidated assets.”

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