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May 2021

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Living a busy life in a fast-paced world, we all need, from time to time, to pause and just enjoy what is around us. Our monthly compilation is here and it is a perfect way to slow down and enjoy some good reads.

The Reformed Broker | What I learned from ten years of cold calling

This week the big news in the brokerage industry was that, finally, the end of cold calling financial advisors is officially here…

Doomberg | Every DOGE Has Its Day

“Speculation on the stock exchange has spread to all ranks of the population and shares rise like air balloons to limitless heights…. The population was now engaged in evading taxation and devoting their money to speculative purchases…. Shares in respectable concerns which had paid a 20% dividend, were pushed higher and higher till the final holders could not expect a return of even 1%.” – Adam Fergusson, When Money Dies

Financial Post | Posthaste: Look beyond the lockdowns — the Canadian economy is poised for a fulsome recovery

Dare we dream? Summer fun and fall holidays may be round the corner.

Visual Capitalist | The History of Psychedelics (Part 1 of 2) and (Part 2 of 2)

Due to their counterculture connotations and rigid legal status, psychedelics were once considered a highly stigmatized topic.

Over the last decade however, a steady stream of groundbreaking research has proven that these powerful substances have the potential to safely treat a wide range of diseases.

Youtube – Insider | The Evolution of ‘The Simpsons’ Animation Over 30 Years | Movies Insider

On May 23, 2021, the 32nd season finale of “The Simpsons” will air on Fox, finishing off a landmark season where the show celebrated its 700th episode.

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