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May 2024

Read. Reflect. Re-energize.

X | Jim Simons talking about his life and passion, math.

Rest in peace to one of the best and brightest investors of all time, Jim Simons. Here’s a 15-minute video of Simons talking about his life and passion, math

Epsilon Theory | How To Win At Story: Conan’s Hot Ones Masterclass

“Even if you don’t watch Hot Ones, even if you’re not a Conan fan – to be alive is to swim in stories. Understanding how we fit into these tales, how popular narratives can work for OR against us – it’s ALL worth studying. And ultimately, as my friend Ben Hunt likes to say, ‘The most important story is the one we tell ourselves.'”

Adam Taggart | Thoughtful Money | Stephanie Pomboy: Exhausted Consumers Are “Spent Up & Lent Up”, So Economy Will Slow

“It feels like a tale of two economies right now. If you ask an economist, chances are you’ll hear that the US is doing great, growing faster than its G7 peers, with low unemployment and a stock market back near all-time highs. But if you ask the average man on the street, you’ll likely hear a very different story. One of hardship, where wages aren’t keeping up with the massive spike in cost of living, where companies are reducing hours, freezing hiring or actively laying workers off, and households are increasingly forced to turn to expensive credit cards to fund living essentials. Which of these is more accurate? And are things likely to get better or worse from here? For an expert view, we’re lucky today to talk with Stephanie Pomboy, economic and market analyst and proprietor of”

Farnam Street | Ayn Rand on Why Philosophy Matters

“Nearly four decades after her death, many of Ayn Rand’s works remain controversial and divide people into two camps: love them or hate them. Her lesser known book on philosophy provides broad, timeless insights. Here are her thoughts on the value of philosophy.”

Instagram Reels | Jerry Seinfeld joined the Rich Eisen Show today and told an incredible behind-the-scenes story from Seinfeld

“Jerry Seinfeld gave a behind-the-scenes insight from the Seinfeld “The Marine Biologist” episode, where Jason Alexander had less than a day to memorize the entire ‘The Sea Was Angry’ speech”

YouTube | Biggest Fast Food Chains from 1960 to 2023

A mouthwatering journey through the evolution of the world’s biggest food chains from 1960 to 2023 – From humble beginnings to global empires, explore the rise of iconic fast-food brands through time.

Gigadgets | From Microsoft Manual to Midnight Lullaby: The ‘Most Boring Video Ever Made’ Now a Viral Sleep Aid

“A 1989 Microsoft Word tutorial video, once considered the epitome of boredom, has found new life as a surprising sleep aid. The video, featuring a monotone instructor meticulously explaining the intricacies of Word, has garnered millions of views on YouTube, with many users hailing it as the ultimate cure for insomnia.”

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