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November 2022

November 2022

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CNBC Events | Investing icon Stanley Druckenmiller sits down with Joe Kernen at CNBC’s Delivering Alpha

With pervasive economic uncertainty, an outbreak of economic and military warfare, inflation setting records, central banks scrambling to adjust policies, and the long shadow of the pandemic obscuring vision, investors are navigating a market at a crossroads.

Spiegel International | The Present and Future of Europe’s Energy Supply

The autocratic countries of the Persian Gulf play a key role in the new world order – and for the future of Germany’s economy. Complete dependence will be difficult to avoid.

Hezakya Newz & Films | 1983 SPECIAL REPORT: “UNEMPLOYMENT”

The early 1980s recession was a severe economic recession that affected much of the world between approximately the start of 1980 and early 1983. It is widely considered to have been the most severe recession since World War II. A key event leading to the recession was the 1979 energy crisis, mostly caused by the Iranian Revolution which caused a disruption to the global oil supply, which saw oil prices rising sharply in 1979 and early 1980.

Financial Times | New FTX chief says crypto group’s lack of control worse than Enron

John Ray criticises ‘absence of trustworthy financial information’ at sprawling digital assets group.

Visual Capitalist | What are the Benefits of Fusion Energy?

One of the most promising technologies, fusion, has attracted the attention of governments and private companies like Chevron and Google. In fact, Bloomberg Intelligence has estimated that the fusion market may eventually be valued at $40 trillion. This infographic sponsored by General Fusion, we discuss the benefits of fusion as a clean energy source.

Visual Capitalist | Charted: The Dark Web Price Index 2022

Did you know that the internet you’re familiar with is only 10% of the total data that makes up the World Wide Web? The rest of the web is hidden from plain sight, and requires special access to view. It’s known as the Deep Web, and nestled far down in the depths of it is a dark, sometimes dangerous place, known as the darknet, or Dark Web. This graphic by Enrique Mendoza provides us a glimpse at this shrouded part of the internet, showing us some of the common items that are sold on there, and how much they typically cost.

Time | The 9 Rules of Every Wile E. Coyote and Road Runner Cartoon

The Looney Tunes universe had boundaries as severe as an Acme anvil to the head. A list of rules for the creators of the Wile E. Coyote and Road Runner cartoons has been circulating online and the instructions explain why every episode was almost exactly the same.

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