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September 2020

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This unusual 2020 is just flying by and we can’t believe tomorrow is already October! As usual, we prepared our top most interesting links found online to shed light on something good from the month of September. We hope you enjoy them as much as we did.

The Grant Williams Podcast | The End Game Ep. 7 – Edward Chancellor

Bill and Grant welcome historian, journalist and author Ed Chancellor to The End Game. Ed’s remarkable book, Devil Take The Hindmost, chronicles three centuries of bubbles and manias and, in this wonderful conversation, he shares his thoughts on how and why they end, the historical parallels previous bubbles share with today and the likely problems the world faces at it moves through The End Game.

Dr. Ed’s Blog | The Future Is Coming: The Technology Revolution of the Roaring 2020s

The future is always coming, of course. However, the future is already here to a large extent. Consider the following awesome technologies that are just starting to proliferate in ways that should boost productivity and prosperity.

Farnam Street Blog | Being Smart is Not Enough

When hiring a team, we tend to favor the geniuses who hatch innovative ideas, but overlook the butterflies, the crucial ones who share and implement them. Here’s why it’s important to be both smart AND social.

Of Dollars and Data | No, This Isn’t a Repeat of the Dot-Com Bubble

When it comes to the stock market, there seems to be just one question on everyone’s mind lately: Is this another dot-com bubble in the making?

RIA | Technically Speaking: Tudor’s 10-Rules To Navigate Q4-2020

Investing For The Rest Of 2020.Given the technical backdrop above, it should be evident that “risk” likely outweighs “reward” for the rest of this year.

Visual Capitalist | Shapes of Recovery: When Will the Global Economy Bounce Back?

Another great infographic from Visual Capitalist.

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