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September 2021

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Fall season is exciting and full of contrasting colours. Take in what the season has to offer by enjoying warm sunny moments, snuggling through gloomy and rainy days or reading our monthly compilation of good reads from all over the internet.

The Ringer | Nirvana in Bloom

Thirty years ago, the night before ‘Nevermind’ was released, the now-legendary Seattle trio played a blistering show in Boston. Soon after that, everything changed.

Bloomberg | Dark Pool Sold Some Order Flow

Also IPO order books, Reddit algorithms, Evergrande and front-running.

FS Blog | How to Remember What You Read

It happens all the time. You read an amazing book, one so packed with wisdom that you think it’s going to change your life forever. Then…it doesn’t. Why? Because when you’re finally in a situation where you could use its insights, you’ve completely forgotten them. Time is our most valuable resource, so we shouldn’t waste it. The investment we make in reading should have a positive, lasting impact on our lives.

Visual Capitalist | 9/11 Timeline: Three Hours That Changed Everything

YouTube | Adults returning to work

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