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Top 5 reasons Canadians DO NOT have a Financial Advisor

December 12, 2019

Credo Consulting released a research earlier in 2019 highlighting the Top 5 Reasons Canadians do not work with a Financial Advisor. This information might be helpful in your prospecting efforts and in overcoming investor objections. I have provided some ammunition for each of the top 5 reasons below and suggest you address these directly with potential clients in your marketing materials, on your website, on the phone and during in-person meetings.

If you think that you know another “top reason” that does not appear on this list, please let us know!

1. I don’t have enough money (43%)

How much money are we talking about? It’s never too late or early to start saving and getting investment advice. Not all Financial Advisors look for high net worth clients only. There are many competent Financial Advisors on the horizon looking to grow with you.

2. They cost too much (28%)

Like Lawyers, Accountants, Tax Consultants and other Financial Professionals, Advisors do charge fees. Look for an Advisor that is upfront and transparent about the fees they charge. These include referral or commission agreements in place. Many clients that have investment help from Financial Advisors indicate their net returns on their investments are worth the fees. In addition, Advisors take the burden of growing assets from the client by taking a holistic approach to their lives.

3. I know enough to do it myself (24%)

It is important for prospective clients to know that their potential Advisor has sufficient training, knowledge and experience to advise them on the issues that matter most to them and, more importantly, on the issues they may not be aware of. This question will also give you the opportunity to speak about professional qualifications and designations such as a CFP or CFA. In addition, successful advisors have often entered into the profession after many years of working with entrepreneurs and other like-minded people that may later become their clients. You can ask your prospects if they think they have the sufficient training to make both buy and sell order decisions on a daily basis. A Financial Advisor role is a full-time job. Does a prospect or client have enough hours in the day to pursue an advisory role?

4. I don’t trust Financial Advisors (12%)

Here is the perfect opportunity for you to use testimonials* and/or referrals from your existing clients to establish the trust factor. Also – a perfect opportunity for you to mention your licencing requirements and fiduciary responsibilities. IIROC AdvisorReport is a useful resource to direct your clients to.

*Refer to OSC staff notice 33-747 page 34-35 for guidance.

5. I’ve never met one (10%)

If 10% of investors have never met a Financial Advisor – it is important to get your name out there and ensure you are in the Google search results. Periodically, check in with current clients to see if they have friends or family that do not have a Financial Advisor and ask them for a referral.

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