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February 2020

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We were digging and digging to find the most interesting articles to present to you for the month of February. We hope you enjoy them as much as we did.

Visual Capitalist: Visualizing the 700-Year Fall of Interest Rates

How far can interest rates fall? Currently, many sovereign rates sit in negative territory, and there is an unprecedented $10 trillion in negative-yielding debt. This new interest rate climate has many observers wondering where the bottom truly lies. LAnd of the Undead

Most large entertainment media firms (Comcast, AT&T, Verizon, Netflix, Fox, Sony, etc.) will cede value to Amazon and Apple over the next decade. Similar to Walmart, Disney is the only incumbent with the assets, leadership, and shareholder base to land counterpunches on the purveyors of paper towels & AirPods. This week I shared my take on the streaming wars with 700+ people tuning into our livestream. We constructed a framework to separate winners from losers.

CNBC: A huge driver of stock prices got off to its worst start in 7 years, but that could change

Share buybacks, one of the key building blocks for the nearly 11-year bull market run, have gotten off to a slow start in 2020 that, if sustained, could pose a threat to the Wall Street rally.

Fast Company: The 2019 Innovation By Design honorees point toward a more sustainable future

The article highlights the innovation by design awards and how many of them are designing sustainable business practices.

Visual Capitalist: Where Are the Oldest Companies in Existence?

Where Are the Oldest Companies in Existence? The Companies With the Strongest Staying Power? The Oldest Company in Every Country, by Region?

Forbes: 8 Scientific Facts Everyone Should Know About Leap Day

Once every four years, at least under most circumstances, humanity inserts an extra day into our calendar year to help keep time: Leap Day.[…] Despite a bizarre historical origin and a series of urban legends surrounding it, Leap Day exists for scientific, not superstitious, reasons.

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