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February 2023

February 2023

Read. Reflect. Re-energize.

Academy Securities | A Day in the Life of a ODTE Option

“I was created or “born” this morning! I will expire or “die” at 4:00pm ET today. My lifespan isn’t quite as long as your mayfly (and they’ve been following this schedule for 100 million years), so I can’t complain. As opposed to the mayfly, it’s unlikely that procreation is in my future (but one can dream), and I still have a lot to do in my 8 hours!”

Two Centuries Investments | The Largest Cost Facing Investors Today

There exist many flavors of market timing; some are obvious and others are rather less obvious and more sophisticated. Overall, the average asset owner GAP from this “quick and dirty” meta-study is -3.1% per year.

The Market | The Most Important Question Is Whether We’re Going to Have Stagflation

The benign environment of low interest rates is a bygone era, thinks Howard Marks, co-chairman of Oaktree Capital. In an in-depth interview, Marks explains why he expects a fundamental shift in the market environment, what that means for your portfolio, and what he considers the worst sin in investing.

Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research (SIEPR) | Monetary Tightening and U.S. Bank Fragility in 2023: Mark-to-Market Losses and Uninsured Depositor Runs?

An analysis on U.S. banks’ asset exposure to a recent rise in the interest rates with implications for financial stability.

The Jay Martin Show | Where Will the Smart Money Go in 2023? With Rick Rule, Frank Giustra, and Grant Williams

Jay is joined by a panel of icons in the investing space to get their views on where savvy investors are deploying capital in 2023. Rick Rule, Frank Giustra, and Grant Williams share the top trends and value plays they are seeing this year when it comes to investing.

FOX Sports | Kevin Costner leads Yankees and White Sox from cornfield onto the Field of Dreams

Kevin Costner leads the New York Yankees and Chicago White Sox from the cornfield to the Field of Dreams diamond ahead of their historic matchup in Iowa. Tune into the Field of Dreams game on FOX.

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