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February 2024

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Council on Foreign Relations | Oil Dependence and U.S. Foreign Policy

“The United States’ dependence on oil has long influenced its foreign policy. U.S. oil development spans three major periods: the rise of oil as a commodity, beginning in 1850; the post–World War II age of geopolitical competition; and the post–Cold War era of deregulation and diversification. Today, U.S. oil production is booming, drawing renewed scrutiny to the country’s climate-driven efforts to globally phase out fossil fuels.”

YouTube | Tesla Cybertruck Review // We Drove It Over 500 Miles…And Oh Boy

“The 2024 Cybertruck Cyberbeast ($99,990 starting in the US) is possibly the most polarizing and most unique new vehicle on the market today. Sharp edges and acute angles along with an ultra-durable stainless steel exterior make for a truck like none other before it. But is it more than just a unique mars-rover looking novelty? And does the Cybertruck’s range live up to the expectations? Thomas and James are excited to take the new Cyberbeast on a not-so-mini Throttle House Road Trip.”

Spotify | The David McWilliams Podcast: The Return of the Kennedys with Pippa Malmgren

“With the election year in full swing, we’re shining a spotlight on the resurgence of the Kennedys. Joining us to navigate the intriguing rise of independent candidate Robert F. Kennedy is the economic and political aficionado Pippa Malmgren. We ponder the origins of this surprising surge and its underreported nature amidst swirling allegations, anti-pharma sentiments, and vaccine skepticism. We contemplate whether RFK could embody a voice that resonates with the American people and discuss what awaits the land of opportunity on the road to November. With tensions escalating and Kennedy finding himself in some polls, polling similarly to Trump and Biden, the drama and anticipation of the 2024 Election will only intensify, prompting us to explore the allure of the underdog.”

The Howard Stern Show | Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler brings out Slash and the band Train for an unforgettable performance of “Dream On.”

Steven Tyler, Slash, and Train perform “Dream On” at the Howard Stern Birthday Bash in 2014, creating an unforgettable musical moment filled with nostalgia and rock energy.

Did you know, “Dream On” was the Aerosmith’s first single. Steven Tyler had been writing bits and pieces of what would become “Dream On” for about 6 years. Steven says the chord progression came from listening to his classically trained father play piano, when Steven was younger. (source:

NBC News | Move over, ChatGPT: AI startup Anthropic unveils new models that challenge Big Tech

“One of the newest entrants in the competitive world of artificial intelligence says its new models can outdo anything done by the world’s biggest tech companies. AI tech startup Anthropic on Monday announced its newest AI models — collectively called Claude 3 — and touted their near-instant abilities to complete complex tasks, including transcribing handwritten notes, analyzing graphs and translating languages.”

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