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October 2022

October 2022

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Bloomberg Markets and Finance | Hugh Hendry: The Fed Doesn’t Know What It’s Doing

Hugh Hendry, founding partner of hedge fund Eclectica Asset Management, says the Federal Reserve doesn’t know what it’s doing. He speaks on “Bloomberg Markets: European Close.”

The Market NZZ | We Will See the Return of Capital Investment on a Massive Scale

Market strategist and historian Russell Napier warns of a 15- to 20-year phase of structurally elevated inflation and financial repression. He shares his views on how investors should prepare for this new world.

Wall Street Silver | Gold as a Store of Value

Gold against the US dollar, British pound and Japanese yen relative to it’s original value in year 1900.

Visual Capitalist | This Chart Reveals Google’s True Dominance Over the Web

Since Google was founded in 1998, the company’s dominance in search has been nothing but legendary. But just how dominant is Google? The answer might be even more than you would have expected.

Bright | 17 Out-of-Place Artifacts That Suggest High-Tech Civilizations Existed Thousands—or Millions—of Years Ago

According to our conventional view of history, humans have only walked the Earth in our present form for some 200,000 years. Much of the mechanical ingenuity we know of in modern times began to develop only a couple hundred years ago, during the Industrial Revolution. However, evidence today alludes to advanced civilizations existing as long as several thousand years ago—or possibly even earlier.

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