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Thomas S. Caldwell, C.M.

We’re in the beginning of 2020. Everyone comes up with resolutions and goals. What’s the best way to keep them?

Posted: January 15, 2020
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Your Host
Thomas Caldwell
Thomas S. Caldwell, C.M.

Chairman & Founder, Director

Thomas S. Caldwell graduated from McGill University in 1965, and has been actively involved in the investment industry since that time.
Mr. Caldwell is Chairman of Caldwell Investment Management Ltd., an organization founded in 1990. Caldwell Investment Management Ltd. is a diversified investment company providing investment management to a broad spectrum of investors throughout Canada.
In 2014, Mr. Caldwell was inducted into the IIAC Investment Industry Hall of Fame.
Mr. Caldwell is CEO and a Director of Urbana Corporation, a publicly traded investment company and Chairman of the Canadian Securities Exchange (“CSE”), “The Exchange for Entrepreneurs”. He also serves on the Board of the Conference of Defence Associations Institute in Ottawa. Mr. Caldwell was appointed Honorary Lieutenant-Colonel of The Lincoln and Welland Regiment in January 2014.
Mr. Caldwell is a past Governor of the Toronto Stock Exchange and one of the leading experts in capital markets, particularly in trading environments. He is recognized as one of the world’s foremost investors in securities exchanges. Mr. Caldwell manages the investment pools he is responsible for on a value/strategic overview basis.
Caldwell Investment Management Ltd. and its affiliates were the second-largest owners of the New York Stock Exchange prior to the NYSE’s demutualization.
Mr. Caldwell has, through his career, been actively involved in addressing social and community needs.
He was awarded Her Majesty’s Golden Jubilee Medal in 2002 for his activities on behalf of Canadian Veterans. In 2003 he was appointed a Member of the Order of Canada for his work in assisting those in need as well as contributing to institutions working to better the lives of others. In 2012, he received Her Majesty’s Diamond Jubilee for his efforts on behalf of the disadvantaged.
Mr. Caldwell and his wife Dorothy have been married since 1966 and have two sons, Brendan and Theo, and four grandchildren.

00:11 Well you're quite correct that it's not enough to have a goal. It's the doing of it or the achieving or the striving for it. So I think the first thing is to have a couple of goals have some things that are reasonably doable. They can be a reach but have some goals for the yield year and make them realistic. They should be simple and you should develop a plan to achieve those goals.
00:31 I mean whatever that plan is what are we gonna have to do each day to get to this goal whatever that goal happens to be what is my business plan or personal plan and keep that in your drawer or whatever and look at it every day every single day that I'm I am I on track. Am I doing what I need to do to achieve those targets I've set for myself. And keep in mind if you fall off that if you fall off that that's a downward spiral.
00:59 I always keep saying the less you do the best you can do you your mental muscles your sales muscles your confidence muscles atrophy. You've got to keep at the school thing and these tasks to achieve that goal daily.