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Jennifer Radman, CFA

Why invest in Canada?

Posted: July 22, 2020

Funds Jennifer manages:
Caldwell Balanced Fund
Caldwell Canadian Value Momentum Fund
Caldwell U.S. Dividend Advantage

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Jennifer Radman
Jennifer Radman, CFA

Head of Investments & Senior Portfolio Manager

Jennifer is Head of Investments and Senior Portfolio Manager at Caldwell Investment Management Ltd. She is the lead equity PM on the Caldwell Balanced Fund and lead PM on the award-winning Caldwell Canadian Value Momentum Fund.
Jennifer joined Caldwell in 2003 where she has been a member of 2 Lipper Award winning teams. In 2016, Jennifer earned the Citywire’s Alpha Female Award as a Top 3 Female Portfolio Manager in Canada.
Ms. Radman graduated Magna Cum Laude with a finance degree from the University of South Carolina, where she played the #1 spot on the school’s top-20 NCAA Division I ranked tennis team. She contributes regularly to media outlets including the Globe and Mail, Huffington Post, Wealth Professional Canada and MoneySense Magazines and is featured as a speaker on BNN Bloomberg and other industry significant Radio and TV programs. Jennifer enjoys golfing, running 5ks and travelling in her spare time.
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00:12 So the investor management space is pretty competitive. There's a lot at stake and you see your numbers every day. And so sometimes that creates an environment where there's words are said that maybe people don't necessarily mean and so the ability to develop a thick skin.
00:29 And so there's two things that really I found helpful personally so my grandfather's advice listen twice first to what I said and second to who said it if you don't respect number two then don't sweat the number one. So that's one and then two is just more of a sports analogy but sort of leave it on the field and so sometimes in these high stakes time things get said but you move on and so hopefully that's helpful.