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William Chin, MBA

The pandemic has caused a lot of damage to the economy, but stocks are going up. What should I do to position my portfolio properly?

Posted: June 3, 2020

Funds William manages:
Caldwell Balanced Fund
Tactical Sovereign Bond Fund (formerly Caldwell Income Fund)

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Your Host
william chin
William Chin, MBA

Portfolio Manager & Chief Technical Analyst

William Chin, Chief Technical Analyst for Caldwell Investment Management Ltd. (“Caldwell”), is the lead Portfolio Manager on the Tactical Sovereign Bond Fund and Portfolio Manager for the fixed income portion of the Caldwell Balanced Fund. He also advises fixed income portfolios for affiliate Caldwell Securities Ltd.’s separately managed account platform and contributes to the Caldwell Investment Management Ltd. team’s research, specializing in macro-economics, currency risk management and technical analysis. William is a member of Caldwell’s Investment Risk Committee.
William has over 35 years of international investment experience in the areas of portfolio, currency risk and treasury management. He began his career in the currency market, progressing to the role of treasury manager for a large international bank. He was first registered as a Portfolio Manager with the Ontario Securities Commission in 1999 and managed high net worth client portfolios on a discretionary basis prior to joining Caldwell.
William has an MBA in economics and international finance. He has been a volunteer and a board member for the Canadian Society of Technical Analysts since 2001 and is their former President (2012-2014).
William is a frequent speaker on macro analysis, monetary policy and technical analysis.

00:16 Flight to safety is a strategy pursued by investors when the primary goal is capital preservation. That is they want to go into assets they can hold their values in times of financial and market stress. Gold is one of them.
00:30 Another asset class is government bonds. They are backed by tax revenues of their respective governments and in the case of government of Canada bonds or U.S. Treasuries they are highly rated credit quality provides safety during financial and market stress. A good investment adviser should have already included them in an investment portfolio to help preserve capital.